The big media vacay/work-trip to Idaho

Guess our invite got lost in the mail... Ski/wedding destination Sun Valley is the scene of week-long retreat for the big media players (think Disney, Comcast). It's hosted by investment bank Allen & Co., but now they're inviting Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg and Amazon's Jeff Bezos. (FYI, the custom Patagonia goody vests look solid).

It's like Woodstock. But with extra hooking up... Media companies are looking to relax, enjoy potato-flavored coffee, and buy one another. For 35 years, it's been the conception deal scene for mogul couples -- It's where Disney merged with ABC and where Verizon bought Yahoo. Two headline drama topics this year you should know:

  1. Will CBS and Viacom finally stop flirting and just merge already?
  2. Will it be Comcast or Disney that wins the bidding war for 21st Century Fox?

The takeaway... Silicon Valley stopped caring about Hollywood. With Google, Apple, and Amazon all trying to win in video, old school media came looking for their dream tech lover to step in and buy them. But there was no love in Idaho for Lions Gate, Discover, and others. Tech seems more into playing with its own content, like Netflix.