Taco Bell strategically partners with Forever 21

Let the beefy grease drip down your mouth... and stain your appropriately enchilada-themed shirt. Your go-to late-night spot Taco Bell and cheaper-than-J-Crew clothing chain Forever 21 are partnering on a fashion line. Shares of Bell-owner Yum Brands rose Thursday on word the "hotter than Diablo Sauce" goods hit Forever 21 stores by October 11.

"Fast" is the guacamole of retail... Your company is dead without it. What makes this partnership so strategic is that Forever 21 is the "fast food of fashion," disrupting the industry. Old school designers (looking at you, Gap) fail to keep up with trends defined by H&M or Forever 21, and could never launch a partnership like this, this quickly.

The takeaway... Whattup @generationZ. This campaign is ditching Millennials to focus on Gen Z, the teenagers who Snapchat most of the day and think Facebook is ancient. But the "Live Mas" cropped hoodies, jumper suits, and this sweet pink Hot Sauce sweatshirt should generate universal appreciation from anyone who's experienced Doritos Locos.