Ikea acquires TaskRabbit

To our Swedish readers... this one's for you. Ikea, the budget furniture giant/savior of twenty-somethings moving into their own place announced Thursday it's acquiring TaskRabbit. We don't know how much Ikea paid for the "Uber of odd jobs," but Ikea says TaskRabbit's on-brand because it "makes consumers' lives a little bit easier." 

That's synergy, man... Ikea ships dresser to consumer. Consumer uses TaskRabbit for handyman to erect dresser. #genius. TaskRabbit allows users to hire people to help them with chores, housework, or other things you're too lazy/incompetent to do yourself. It's tech-enabled freelance -- a.k.a. the Gig Economy.

The takeaway... Ikea needs to get digital. Amazon and Walmart are showing that retailers want to have both digital and physical presence, and Ikea's weak on digital so far besides its "Ikea Place" app to preview furniture in your apartment. TaskRabbit, founded in 2008 and operating in 40 cities, gives Ikea a tech service it can scale.