BlackBerry surprises with software success

The Kardashians weren't a thing... the last time you touched a BlackBerry. But shares of the clickity-clack-screen tech company popped 13% Thursday after record revenues from licensing its Canadian software -- a 250% surge from last year to $56 million. Pretty good, eh.

Like that one creepy dude at the end of every bar... BlackBerry just won't go away either. Over the last decade, iPhone killed "Research in Motion's" touchscreen-less phone -- So the company restructured, finally changed its name to BlackBerry, and stopped making phones (or any hardware at all) last year to focus on software.

The takeaway... Time to take on Tesla. BlackBerry's been pushing into the self-driving car space through an upcoming deal with an automated vehicle company that needs its software. BlackBerry stock's up 50% this year as it doubles-down on this new licensing business model, recently closing a fresh partnership providing software for Android phones.