Snapchat scaling its augmented reality lenses (like the hot dog guy)

We'd be bigger snapchat fans... if there were a 3D Batman we could send through snaps (crime doesn't take a snap off). Snap announced Thursday that advertisers can create "3D World Lenses," which users can integrate into their snap messages. The creative feature pushed shares 2.3% higher.

That hotdog wasn't kosher... but it did generate 1.5 billion views. Snap's learning from the viral success of the gyrating hot dog to monetize its service -- The new "Blade Runner 2049" movie already created a 3D flying car that users can place into their snaps. The hope is that the interactive feature will attract Millennials' attention and big advertising dollars.

The takeaway... We hope Snap patented this. If it didn't Facebook will imitate it and integrate the feature into its Stories feature (which also exists in Instagram). Snap also said Thursday that 1 trillion snaps will be sent in 2017, but its stock is down 41% since its IPO on concerns it will be eaten by Facebook's copycat service.