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Lehman Brothers went bankrupt when we were in college. We walked by Occupy Wall Street daily commuting to our first jobs at investment banks. Then the European debt crisis blew up. We'd learned about stocks and bonds in class, but didn't have time to read the whole Wall Street Journal or watch CNBC all day. Markets were shaping everything, yet business news was too boring, jargon-filled, and inaccessible.

So we launched MarketSnacks to finally make business news digestible for all...

MarketSnacks makes business and financial news quick, clear and entertaining. We curate the stories you need to know (and actually want to know) and add critical insights -- all in a free daily email newsletter, podcast, and video segments.

Now, MarketSnacks is transforming what a news company can become: A community of engaged, ambitious professionals who need to be well-informed, and want to get there in style.


The MarketSnacks Team



Jack Kramer (Co-Founder) - Jack’s a lover of economics, with a passion for his 3 favorite letters: "G," "D," and "P." Having Seamless-ordered through 5-years of I-banking, he vets each story’s numbers for ones you actually need. And he drops (too many) references to the car and mobility companies he banked. A proud Vermonter, the spirit of Ethan Allen and organic maple syrup flow within him. He was educated at Middlebury College and is working towards his Master of Public Policy and MBA at the University of Michigan -- And he’s happy to share some unsolicited advice on how to throw a perfect football spiral.


Nick Martell (Co-Founder) - A native New Yorker, Nick has a mild obsession with jaywalking and prefers writing MarketSnacks post-spin class. Having worked with founders and VCs across emerging markets for Endeavor, he’s focused on innovative and international consumer trends. And where to get his next acai bowl fix. His voice runs through everything MarketSnacks and he demands compelling content, while refusing to wear denim (slim-fit khakis ftw). He got his BA at Brown University in History and is now pursuing an MBA at the Wharton School.


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