MarketSnacks Acquired by Robinhood

March 25, 2019


Dear Snackers,

This one’s huge — MarketSnacks has been acquired by Robinhood, the fintech unicorn that’s democratizing our financial system. Our buddies at Robinhood are as passionate about digestible financial news as we are. Together we’re building something even bigger.

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Same Co-Founders. Better everything else.

This strategic fairy tale was meant to be… Robinhood makes markets accessible. MarketSnacks makes market news accessible. Analysts call that “mission alignment.” We call it “soulmates.” MarketSnacks is about to be living its best life as Robinhood Snacks:

  • New HQ, fresh name: We’ve moved from NYC to Robinhood’s Silicon Valley homebase. And MarketSnacks is now “Snacks.” Sharper. Shorter. And just rolls off the tongue.

  • Bigger: Expect to see Snacks’ bite-sized news everywhere you scroll, swipe, and smile-emoji-with-heart-eyes your news.

  • Exclusive insights: Curious what stocks are most popular among Millennials in Texas? We can tell you based on aggregated trends from Robinhood’s investing platform.

The Takeaway: Media + Tech + Finance is a powerful thing... Robinhood brought delightful tech features to historically painful finance products. Snacks will deliver the same for business news. We’ll focus relentlessly on your Snacking experience.


Meet our new mothership: Robinhood

Robinhood’s fixing finance… by making life better for people and their money. The digital-first investing platform was co-founded by college roommates (just like MarketSnacks), and its mission and unique features have earned it a $5.6B valuation:

  • Zero-commission investing: Invest in the companies you love without commissions, account fees, or Millionaire account minimums (fees are the worst).

  • Zero-commission crypto & options trading: Making the inaccessible accessible for all.

  • A gorgeous app: Robinhood’s award-winning design is Pixar-worthy.

The Takeaway: It's about time Robinhood existed... Robinhood knows the way to your heart is having the best product, at the lowest cost, with the smoothest experience — this is revolutionary in financial services. Snacks is proud to now be a part of Robinhood for the long-term.

Our MarketSnacks journey

We’re former college roommates… During our first-year analyst jobs, we met up for a beer at Old Town Bar in New York, vowing to fix boring financial news. So we launched MarketSnacks outside our bank jobs to connect business news with our generation. Fast. Fun. Digestible.

  • We started with our bread and butter daily newsletter, expanded to videoand live TV, and launched a top-rated podcast.

  • From side hustle to full hustle, our 2-man MarketSnacks team has never missed a day of covering market news.

  • They said friends couldn’t run a company together. Our Co-CEO-ship has proved that wrong. Fun Fact: Robinhood is also Co-CEO’d.

The Takeaway: Our commitment has never changed, and never will... Make financial news digestible. We were sophomores when Lehman collapsed. We passed Occupy Wall Street on our 1st day of work. Financial markets shape every decision you make — so we’re passionate about getting you informed easily and in style.

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You're why we're here

1,786 newsletters… 149 podcasts. 1,580,031 words. Through it all, you fueled MarketSnacks’ growth:

  • When you email us about using a MarketSnacks story on Lululemon in your job interview.

  • When you asked us to add a new section to feature more stories (that became “What Else We’re Snacking”).

  • When you posted a video of your morning commute listening to our podcast (Note: We don’t support driving and Instagramming. We do support love for Snacks).

The Takeaway: We're insanely grateful for you...because your daily emails, tweets, listens, and carrier pigeon notes to us got MarketSnacks to this unbelievable moment. We can’t wait for this next chapter as Robinhood Snacks with you.

Us circa 2012. We loved you then, we love you now. Thanks for Snacking

Us circa 2012. We loved you then, we love you now. Thanks for Snacking